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Cactus Chenille-Red
25 kr
Extremely popular material for especially sea trout and rainbow trout flies.

App. 15 mm diameter...
Flytying Kit-Universal
449 kr
Universal Kit:

Streamer Hooks, Tying Thread, Oval Tinsel, Flat Silver tinsel, Flat Gold tinsel, Brown cock saddle, Orange Cock saddle, Ice dubbing, Supreme dubbing in 2 colors, Black Chenille, Yellow Chenille, Gold Bead Heads, Deer hair, Marabou in 2 colors, Polar Chenille, Cactus Chenille, Flashabou, Flat Braid in 2 colors, Craft Fur in 2 colors, Mylar tubing, Grizzly Rubber legs, Crossbreed Fox tail and zonker strips....
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