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Abu Beast Perch Shad 80/100mm

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The Beast Perch Shad has been designed to be your go-to small size paddle tail. The “fat” belly shape puts the centre of gravity at the optimal position for all active perch fishing techniques. Even with very light jigheads, the large paddle will let the lure roll very attractively. Available in 8 and 10cm

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Abu Beast Perch Shad 80/100

100mm Blue Herring, 100mm Fegis, 100mm Fire Tiger, 100mm Golden Roach, 100mm Pike, 100mm Red Head, 100mm Red Motoroil, 100mm Red Tiger, 80mm Blue Herring, 80mm Fegis, 80mm Fire Tiger, 80mm Golden Roach, 80mm Pike, 80mm Red Motoroil, 80mm Red Tiger