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ABU Garcia Revo IKE 20/30

2,499.00 kr

The Abu Garcia® Revo® Ike® series is designed by Mike Iaconelli to include the power, comfort, speed, and action that he demands out of his fishing tackle. In addition to features, the attitude and personality that Ike is known for shows through the unmistakable cosmetics that make “Going Ike!” possible for the average angler.


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Ike 20: utväxling 6,2:1 ger ca 84 cm per vev-varv max broms 5,2 kg, vikt 193g

Ike 30: utväxling 6,2:1 ger ca 89 cm per vev-varv max broms 5,2 kg, vikt 215g

9 stainless steel HPCR™ bearings + 1 roller bearing
Rocket line management System™
Rocket Spool Lip Design™
Integrated Drop Shot Keeper
AMGearing™ system
Carbon Matrix™ drag system
IM-C6™ body design
C6 carbon rotor
IKE designed EVA knob


20, 30