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Daiwa Prorex AGS spinning 7’3 10-35g

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The Daiwa Prorex series of fishing tackle has been designed for the freshwater or sea predator angler and is packed full of innovation and clever technology. The AGS line of rods have a focus on low weight and crisp handling, coupled with a sensitive tip action. Daiwa have used materials developed with the latest techniques in material science, such as SVF carbon with nanotechnology, to produce blacks that are stiff and light but still very strong and resilient. AGS rods are designed to transmit lure movement directly to the handle section, giving you an improved awareness of what’s happening at the end of your line. A slim V-joint connection between the spigot and its joining blank results in a fluent bending curve.

This 2-section rod’s SVF blanks have been made with Daiwa’s X45 and 3DX manufacturing techniques to reduce torque to a minimum, which can improve the targeting of your casts. X45 materials includes carbon fibre layers set at 45° to the axis of the blank for greater strength and the 3DX technique involves creating a three-dimensional honeycomb arrangement of the fibres for improved flexibility and responsive compression. This structure equalises the transmission of forces along the length of the rod, regardless of the direction of bend.

A slim V-joint spigot/blank connection feeds into in a fluent bending curve and contributes to an overall low weight but it’s the exclusive carbon Air Guide system (AGS) that really makes the difference. Carbon fibre guides optimise the rod’s action, making it faster and absorbing line vibration while being unbelievably light. Brought together, these components make a rod that gives you precision when casting and with a characteristically stable feel but with a bare minimum of weight.

Air Guide System (AGS) carbon guides
Super Volume Fibre (SVF) NanoPlus blanks
3DX and X45 BIAS graphite construction for zero blank twist
V-Joint spigot/blank connection for a slim join and fluent bending curve
Ergonomic Daiwa reel seat

PXAGS732MLFS-AS is great for perch jigging and large enough to bag even the bigger ones.