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Hansen SD Snapshot 7,6g 4,4cm

69.00 kr

Spoons Snapshot SD in-line lure is one of the latest addition to the trout and P&T range. The Snapshot will due to the brilliant weight balance, give great distance to your cast. The large surface give this lure a fantastic movement pattern on slow retrieve, which you often seek for the rainbow trout’s. The Snapshot use dark and bright color setting, to give the shifting trigger pattern needed. This will be experienced, when spin stop and 360 rotation are used. UV colors are must have on these lures, Snapshot are Zink material, delivered with quality tournament treble Hook and 2 soft glow beats. Kent Andersen have developed Snapshot.

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Hansen SD Snapshot 7,6g 4,4cm

Orange/Mat Black, Pink/Mat Black, White/Mat Black, Yellow/Mat Black