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Hardy Coastal Flats Series Int./Float Flyline

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Made in the UK

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When fishing for cold, saltwater species on the sand flats like Seatrout and Bass, the Hardy Coastal Flats Series Fly Line is the ideal choice and is designed specifically for saltwater use with a braided core for easy shooting in low water temperatures.
The braided core provides exceptional durability and a low memory throughout the line for reduced tangles and coils. The line can shoot easily in lower water temperatures and has a floating running line for easy handling.
The compact, short head design will allow you to perform longer casts in limited space and the graduated front taper will help deliver refined presentations. All lines included a welded tip loop and have laser I.D line printing for easy identification.
The slow intermediatetaper slowly sinks just below the water surface and therefore guarantees a direct connection to the fly – Crucially important for detecting bites and hook setting.
The Coastal Flats Series is the ideal companion when fishing coastlines, lake shores and when blind-casting weighted flies in windy conditions. Thumps up!
The Int1/Floating has a 0.5ips Intermediate head.

They are twin coloured to differentiate between the head and running line.
Ideal for saltwater species like Seatrout and Bass
Compact design allows long casts with limited space
Graduated front taper for refined presentations
Optimised head design for use in coastal conditions
Welded tip loop
Laser printed line ID
Int1/Floating – twin colour 0.5 ips Intermediate head fly line with floating running line

Hardy Coastal Flats Flyline