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Hardy Compact Rocket Series Floating Fly Line

699.00 kr

Made in the UK

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Hardy’s Rocket Series floating line has a short compact taper to transports weighted flies, cut into a strong head winds with ease and it shoots like a missile. The slightly overweighed belly loads modern fast action rods fast and efficiently. Twin color design enables you to find the ideal loading point of the line comfortably. The Rocket Series fly line produces mid to long range casts with a minimum false casting and when space is limited.

A great fly line for blind casting in windy conditions with heavy flies.

Class 2# – #5:
Ideal for small stream fishing or situations when space is limited. Transports big terrestrials and streamer. Loads rods with little line out of the tip guide and produces accurate short to mid range casts.

Class #6 -#8:
A great streamer line for covering large water surfaces with minimal false casting and windy conditions. Ideal for coastal sea trout, perch, asp and pike.

Heavy front loaded to cast large flies with ease
Designed for easy distance
Welded front loop for fast rigging
Laser-ID on tip for easy line detection
Total length: 90 ft (27,4 m)
Colour: mivory (head) / yellow

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Hardy C Rocket flyline

WF5, WF6, WF7