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Hardy Horizon Taper Series Floating Fly Line

390.00 kr

Made in the UK

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The Hardy Horizon Taper Series fly line offers maximum range casts for the accomplished angler who likes to extend and carry line. The elongated head design aids long range performance, but offers a delicate presentation. Each line has a laser-printed line ID, so you can identify them easily.

Welded Front Loop

Like many fly lines on the market today, the Horizon Taper lines are pre-fitted with a welded tip loop. A lot of factory-fitted loops from other manufacturers are oversized and hit the water like a brick. The loops on these lines are small and light, producing a neat and easy attachment for your display.

Two Tone Design
The orange/heron grey line colour lets you see your presentation easier and fix habits like false casts. Because this is a floating fly line, the fish coming up from underneath won’t be able to see the colour and get spooked. As long as your fly is good quality and well presented, only you will be able to notice this line.

Graduated Front Taper
The weight-forward taper gives the line extra heft for longer and easier casts. The graduated front taper on the Horizon series helps you turn the fly over, which makes for refined presentations. This elongated head means each line excels at long overhead casts, but lands with a delicate presentation on the water.

Floating fly line
105ft length
Orange/heron grey colour
Graduated front taper for refined presentations
Excels at long overhead casting
Welded front loops
Laser-printed line IDs

WF6 – Weight (grains) 216 (14g), Head Length 38ft (11.6m)
WF7 – Weight (grains) 247 (16g), Head Length 40ft (12.2m)

WF8 18g, Head Length 12,8m

Hardy H Taper Flyline

WF6, WF7, WF8