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Westin Percy The Perch Inline

209.00 kr

Den omtyckta Percy the Perch, här som swimbait i hårdbetesform. Detta bete är även i inline-format som låter ditt bete se nytt ut under en längre tid då riggen lossnar från betet när du krokar fisk.

Kommer med rigg och sylvassa krokar i förpackningen.

The first ever Inline hard lures to hit the market! Percy the Perch Inline hard lure is designed with a system that allows anglers to reap all the extra fish-catching benefits of fishing inline, without losing any lure design detail, swimming action or hookups! The inline rig system features a 90lbs seven-strand American Fishing Wire that runs through a specially designed tunnel in the head of Percy. The rig with two strong trebles connects to the body via a special click-and-lock system that automatically releases when a fish is hooked. Percy the Perch Inline is a hard lure/swimbait with SemiSoft fins, slow and realistic swimming action with belly flashes and a line up with amazing hand painted colors. Prepare to be amazed!

-Material: ABS plastic
-Lead free -Running Depth: 0,5-2m
-Japanese-style #1/0 Carbon Steel Hooks
-AFW Surfstrand 1×7 90lbs wire
-Realistic SemiSoft fins
-Realistic eyes
-Hand painted detailed colors
-Worlds 1st ever Inline hard lure!

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